Breathing & Singing Exercises with SSSiNGGG! | Digital set (PDF & EPUB)

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SSSiNGGG! contains 36 cards with breathing and singing exercises. The illustrated figures and accompanying texts explain the exercises. With the free app on your phone or tablet, you can get the figures to sing and move. The basis of the singing is learning to be aware of your breathing. The singing exercises are expressive and easy to follow. You can do them in any order you like. The fun illustrations and animations make it all playful and creative. It’s pure pleasure. In fact, it makes you want to sing!

The illustrations an animations are designed by Cox from

  • Digital set with 36 cards (PDF & EPUB)
  • + free App

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 Breathing & Singing Exercises with SSSiNGGG! | Digital set (PDF & EPUB)

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